Welcome to Jewel Talk with Janet!

Hi! I’m Janet Goldman – founder & CEO of Fragments and Fragments.com.

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you into my world of jewels, where I can share with you my greatest passion and love.

For twenty five years, Fragments has been the radiant light in the jewelry business. Every season we allure, electrify and seduce you with stunning collections of exquisite jewelry from the most creative talents that we have discovered for YOU.

I am so excited to welcome you to Jewel Talk with Janet and introduce you to some of the world’s finest jewelry designers – the most sensational talents. We are here to have fun, educate you on the latest trends and invite YOU to create your own individual style with us.

Show me how you pair one designer’s earrings with your favorite ring and your mother’s necklace. Tell me how you transition from day-to-night just by changing your jewelry. Share with me your “best dressed” list from the Oscars. I might just have a comment or two…

I will show you what Fragments is all about – uptown glamour & downtown cool, passion for creativity & new design and most importantly – loving your personal style. I invite you to get to know me, learn to love Fragments and interact with our designers.

This is my home and my greatest love, so I thank you for coming to visit, for your interest and for your support.

Enjoy and have fun!

With love,


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