InStyle Magazine: This Month

Hello everyone and Happy Monday 🙂

What did you all do this weekend? The rain was crazy here in New York – but I would love to hear what you did to stay sparkly and happy.

My weekend was wonderful. I spent a bit of time flipping through this month’s InStyle and I have a couple of things that I am so excited to share with you. First of all, Fragments designer Yewn is included on pg. 250 in a stunning “Shop It: Fine Jewelry” story. The 18k white gold and diamond flower ring is absolutely beautiful. Here is an excerpt from the page, please let me know what you think:

Also in this month’s issue of InStyle was a FABULOUS piece on stylist Rachel Zoe’s jewelry box. Marion Fasel, the brilliant accessory guru, brings Rachel to life in this issue and I could honestly read the interview over and over again. Actually, I did…

The images are colorful and compliment Rachel’s effervescent personality. The way she speaks of jewelry reminds me so much of myself. With a collection of at least 1,000 costume pieces, Rachel says she wears around 12 per day. Bravo, Rachel – the more, the better.

I so admire her appreciation for jewelry, her keen eye for style and her incredibly open mind about mixing and matching.

I highly recommend picking up this month’s issue of InStyle – Rachel’s interview is on pages 138 to 140. Have fun reading it and come back to me with your thoughts. I am always interested in you!


PS – Stay tuned for more later today.


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