DAILY OBSESSION: Sethi Couture Pendant

Keeping in today’s theme of SETHI COUTURE and our love for the designer, Pratima – I figured I would show you one of her most exquisite pieces. To be honest, we are obsessing over every piece in her entire collection – the colored diamonds are magnificent and her design aesthetic is simply perfect.

Since I have to select only one piece for my “Daily Obsession,” I am sharing this stunning pendant with you. Available by special order at Fragments (price upon request: 212.334.9588,) – this is a spectacular statement piece. A piece to be worn on it’s own – with a neckline that will show it off in a most deserving way.

Please share your thoughts with me. As you can see, I am in love with it.



2 thoughts on “DAILY OBSESSION: Sethi Couture Pendant

  1. Gorgeous! What color are the diamonds in this piece? I knowSETHI COUTURE works with a lot of different color diamonds -I have seen their green diamond hoops edged in black rhodium — also gorgeous by the way. Is this pendant black and white diamonds??

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