DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Annie Fensterstock

Today I would like to feature one of Fragments’ closest friends and beloved designers. Annie Fensterstock is a master of immaculate craftsmanship and impeccable, unique design. Her jewelry is absolutely stunning. We congratulate and honor Annie everyday for her spectacular work and today, more than ever. Annie’s jewelry just made it into the esteemed World Gold Council juried collection of new gold jewelry designs, as edited by a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts. Congrats Annie, this is so well deserved and we are thrilled for you!

The last time I was with Annie, she took some time to answer all of my fun questions. It is with great pleasure that I share with you her witty personality – a glimpse into her world – and you’ll see why we adore her so very much.

1. What is your greatest indulgence? Chocolate and cheese
2. Tell me your biggest fear. freezer with no ice cream
3. Your favorite red carpet moment of all time? i always watch for the jewelry, but i love to see what the pregnant celebs are wearing! angelina jolie once wore an amazing green dress by max azria to cannes
4. Your most treasured piece of jewelry, and why? a gold locket from my grandmother with a picture of my grandparents and my father inside
5. White gold, yellow gold or mix it all up? definitely mix it all up!
6. Who is your favorite fictional character? Mabel Longhetti (A Woman Under the Influence)
7. Your greatest love is…my husband
8. Who is your hero? my grandmother
9. Who is your favorite jewelry designer (other than Annie Fensterstock?) JohnPaul Miller.
10. Who do you most admire, alive or deceased? same as #8- my grandmother, margit beck. she was an amazing painter and teacher, one of my greatest inspirations.
11. Your favorite movie? hedwig and the angry inch
12. Newspapers & magazines: print or online? much prefer print, but only splurge for the sunday times. the rest of the week i do online.
13. Your favorite ice cream flavor? almond gelato from franny’s in brooklyn
14. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
15. Style icon? anyone who’s daring
16. If you could design a piece of jewelry right now, based on your current mood and surroundings, what would it be? A big gold locket covered with rose-cut diamonds, containing pictures of my 3 children
17. Black or white? i get everything dirty so black
18. The best part of New York City is…the food!
19. Tell me your greatest asset and your biggest flaw. i’m very/too detail oriented
20. If you could have any piece from Fragments, what would it be? it would take me days to decide!

Aren’t her answers fabulous? Now, wait until you see her jewels! Take a look at some of Annie’s work on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our store: 212.334.9588.

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Annie Fensterstock

  1. This is so Annie!! Not only is she an amazing person – her jewelry is to die for. I just wish I could own her entire collection! Thank you for profiling her work.

  2. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments – I can see that we all share a mutual love for Annie! Please continue to follow our blog, we have lots of exciting interviews like this to come. Have a great day!xoxo,Janet

  3. Annie's jewelry radiates beauty & elegance. It's a special feeling to wear a unique piece of art originally designed & handcrafted by Annie.

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