All of us here at Fragments are huge Sex & The City fans and have been eagerly anticipating opening night of Sex & The City 2 – especially since one of our designers, Rodrigo Otazu, has jewelry very prominently featured in the film. One of our girls here went to see it at 12:01 this morning – she simply couldn’t wait – and arrived two hours early!

Of course she has quite a review and I am thrilled to share it with you…

Sex & The City 2 is sexy, decadent, over the top and insanely fun. Every moment is glamorous, the fashion is iconic, even the pajamas are gorgeous. The men are immaculate and it goes without saying that our favorite fiersome foursome (Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda) is on fire. The women have never looked better. The hair, the makeup, their facial expressions and countless one liners – that only these women could get away with – are spectacular.

*Carrie Bradshaw in Rodrigo Otazu necklace. To special order this, please e-mail

While there is no particular strong plot line, this movie is a girls night out in it of itself. The colors are a rainbow of fun, the settings (Abu Dhabi, which is really Morocco, and of course NYC) are breathtaking – right down to Carrie & Big’s apartment. The apartment, which took a cue from our style icon Carrie, is dressed to the nines – down to the couch that they waited 14 months for.

The chemistry between the women is stronger than ever. They have such a beautiful camaraderie – moments of total distress and others of extreme excitement & happiness – they do it all so well together.

The fashion. Ahhh, the fashion. It goes beyond words. Each outfit, dress, pair of shoes – all have their own moments. The dresses flow, the jewelry is drop dead gorgeous, the shoes are sky high and there is NO such thing as “too much.” If you claim to be even the least bit “fashionista” – you cannot miss this film. It will make you smile, cry, laugh hysterically – and hyperventilate over the infinite amount of shoes and designer duds that you will be seriously coveting for months, if not years after.

Oh and we forgot to mention the sheer madness and chaos that the girls cause in Abu Dhabi. Let’s leave it at that. You’ll simply have to see it to witness it for yourselves…

AND – if you have already seen it – drop us your comments, we’re dying to know what you think.

xoxo – have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend – and make sure a visit to the movie theater is on your schedule!


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