Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, we have been so busy since the Couture show in Las Vegas and now preparing for August market. All is going so well and we are super excited about all of the fun things that are coming up.
Before I get into today’s topic, I want to remind you all to please check out our Facebook page and become our fan, we are always announcing new giveaways, exciting promotions and of course – personalized styling tips for your always growing jewelry wardrobes. You can become our fan right here:
I encourage all of you to get invovled, interact with us, ask us your questions, show us your fave looks… we will always get back to you!!

Now… summer is here and the heat is stronger than ever; I couldn’t think of a better time to really show off your JEWELS! The sweaters are off, arms are bare, hair is up and necklines are exposed. Major jewelry opportunities!

First, let’s talk about how earrings are the perfect statement making jewelry during the summer. We throw our hair up and out of our face so lets add a hit of color and drama to really show off who we are and what we’re all about. Here are ome fabulous summertime bold earring options from designers we love including Miguel Ases, Chan Luu, Dana Kellin, Robindira Unsworth and Noir.

Nothing compliments bare, tanned arms like a stack of mixed bracelets all the way up to your elbows. And you know that’s what Fragments is all about – mixing, matching and piling on all different designers, colors, fabrics and shapes. So this summer, roll up your sleeves and show us what you’ve got. Here are some of what we’re going bananas for from designers like Ciner, Chan Luu, Noir, Presh, Aid Through Trade and more…

For your favorite neck baring dresses, tops, tanks and tees – we have a slew of jewels that will take your look to another level. We’re talking major drama, lots of layers, total glam and a lot of edge. There is nothing better than a simply chic dress with room to overdecorate. Check out some super fab options from designers like Chan Luu, Robindira Unsworth, Isharya, Azaara, Ciner and Dana Kellin:

We’d love to hear about your favorite summer looks and how you express yourself with your jewels. Summertime is the best because it really gives all of us a chance to take a bit of a risk, fashionwise, and have a lot of fun with our jewelry.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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