Anton Heunis, JA New York & The Oscars!

Dear Fragments Followers,
How are you all doing?
Everything at Fragments has been fantastic – we have been busy in market and have had a very successful few weeks. Anton Heunis’ new collection is here (he showed at D&A) and it’s exquisite! With inspiration from Barbarella, Casino Royale and Charlies Angles…you can expect to see a lot of mixed metal graphite, spikes juxtaposed with feminie crystals, that “retro futuristic” feel, luxurious color, intricate detail, gemstones and more. Everyone is loving it!
We are also looking forward to the upcoming JA New York Winter Show (February 27 through March 1st) where two of our designers, Katie Decker & Suzanne Kalan will be showing. We’re hearing registration is up and so we’re very excited for a successful and interesting show…and of course, beautiful & new designs.
Fragments is also gearing up for Fall 2011! Although it seems so far ahead of us, in the fashion and jewelry world – it’s right around the corner. We’re hearing alot of buzz about color blocking, RED in particular (in all shades like plum, cranberry, magenta and more) graphic black and white, sophistication/lady chic, heavy metal, lace touches and more. We can barely contain our excitement while we prepare for the upcoming season…it’s always so much fun to watch our designers evolve and create.
Last, but certainly not least…we cannot wait for the OSCARS on Sunday! It is our favorite award show of the season not only because we love and appreciate the film business…but the FASHION! We can’t wait to see our red carpet favorites like Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow…who will sparkle the most, what jewels they will wear, what colors will be important, who will take a risk…how high will the shoes be? One of our favorite things to do is “predict a gown” on – check it out, it’s addicting and so much fun!
We’ll be back on Monday with a full blown Oscar recap and we can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts on the big show. Goodbye for now and have a great, glamorous weekend!

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