Spring 2011: Color!

Spring 2011 is just around the corner and Fragments is focused! We love color right now because we’ve been dressed in black all season and Spring is just seven days away. I would like to share with you some of my favorite Fragments trends to get you ready for a bright season. The big color is HONEYSUCKLE! All different bold, beautiful and juicy shades of pinkish red, orange and coral. This was shown on the runways in apparel, handbags, shoes and most importantly, its showing up as a perfect accent color in your jewels. This cool Huichol cuff for that essential splash of color goes with just about everything and the price is right!

Phillips Frankel, Kala and Isharya also have excellent pieces that fall into the “honeysuckle” category like this pave ruby infinity pendant which is “infinitely” wearable, the very bohemian (and a layering must-have) piece from Kala and this statement making Isharya cuff! I also recommend these CZ and garnet Azaara earrings. This color story is versatile, flattering to every complexion and fresh; I encourage you to give it a try. Have fun with it and make it part of your updated wardrobe that shows you are on point!

Another important and exciting trend that we are seeing has touches of neon as well as hints of coral and turquoise. Check out LK Designs for dramatic (and lightweight, easy to wear) silhouettes, MAJOR neon accents as well as great coral and turquoise combinations. Miguel Ases’ Spring collection also features beautiful coral & turquoise hues, as well as a lavender and orange color story, which totally reminds me of my hippie days! You can see it in our store (116 Prince Street, NYC, 212.334.9588) and stay tuned… pieces will be available shortly on our website!

Our FRAGMENTS collection is also very cool, and all about a rainbow of gorgeous colors. Our hoops, bangles and disco ball bracelets are special favorites and a perfect way to incorporate bold color and sparkle into your everyday looks. We’re all about stacking the bangles, mixing them with the disco ball bracelets and experimenting with a bevy of colors. Don’t forget the hoops for added glamour; at just $58, they are everyday wardrobe staples and meant for collecting! The hoops are available in our store now and will be on our website in the next couple of weeks…feel free to call our store – 212.334.9588 to order your pair before they sell out!

Don’t you just love fashion! Its all in the details, so spring right into color this season!

What are some of your favorite colors and how do you plan to infuse them into your Springtime style? Send me pics, feedback and of course any questions! Thank you for following me; I will be back soon!


PS – stay tuned for new designer CORALIA LEETS…who is all about color and phenomenal price points. We’ll be introducing her shortly on our website, on our Facebook and of course on our blog!


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