Gearing up for Art Basel…

Last night, my husband Tony gave an art seminar at Neiman Marcus and it was fabulous! There was a huge turn out – so many people that there were not enough seats and people were standing! The evening was all about collecting art. What motivates you, what to look for and how to buy art. Tony spoke about how we buy art. We’ve always bought it as partners, buying together – it’s always a mutual decision and a mutual love. He was down to earth and provided really great information. He said “when you go to buy art, don’t buy labels. Buy what you love. Buy what you want to live with. If you want to buy labels, come shop here at Neimans.” Everyone laughed, it was so great! They served white whine, passed around small hors d’oeuvres and I wore my new favorite Miguel Ases earrings…pictured below. They were a big hit and are currently in stock at Neiman’s! What a fabulous evening…I can learn about collecting art and shop at the same time!

Tony was also interviewed by Nina Johnson, the owner of Gallery Diet in Wynwood. He spoke about how he and his art managers curate the Wynwood Walls as well as murals on many of the buildings in the zone. Tony brought artists from 13 different countries to create murals – it’s a very international flavor. These are exciting times! And, the best part is… the Wynwood Walls are open to the public for free! I encourage you to visit their website to learn all about the amazing project…and if you’re in Miami during Art Basel this year, please come see the beautiful work! If you can’t be there, keep visiting my blog – I will be updating live to give you an exclusive inside look at our Basel experience!

More later…




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