Prepping for Art Basel!

Hi all!

Things are revving up around Miami with finishing touches on the tents and street artists are working round the clock. Its the most exciting time of the year!
The major jewelry houses, Van Cleef and Arpel, Cartier and others have very exclusive dinner parties where they invite their international clientele, who are here for Art Basel, and they show and launch the latest collections that they assemble from all around the globe. It’s amazing and I am going to the Van Cleef and Arpel black tie dinner Wednesday night, I will tell you all about it!
This is the time of year that there are more private planes coming to Miami than any other time of year. You can’t imagine what a hustle bustle it is.
We have a pop up shop at the Wynwood walls and I will soon show you some images  of what’s for sale.
Its fantastic with art pieces from the artists who have participated in the Wynwood walls.
Check out the website and please come visit! I will be back tomorrow with more details and images. In the meantime, here is another great mural shot from Neuzz, an illustrator & painter from Mexico!




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