Show Your Team Some Love this Sunday with the right JEWELS!

Superbowl XLVI is just 2 days away and we’ve got our Giants and Patriots fans covered when it comes to the rules of accessorizing. Show your team some love by sporting their signature colors on game day- and we’re soo not talking about jerseys and hats! If typical football garb isn’t your thing (It’s definitely not ours,) we’ve got the perfect way for you to show some team spirit all while making a serious style statement this Sunday. Designers like Miguel Ases, Accessories & Beyond, Lena Skadegard, Nuggard, Millianna, LK Jewelry, & Coralia Leets all have great pieces with shades of blue, white, silver, and red. Check out some of our pics below and fear not, these are all pieces you can seamlessly work into your non-Superbowl wardrobe all year round.

Please note: when you’re not feverishly cheering on Tom Brady or Eli Manning, we don’t recommend piling on all of this red, white, and blue in one look!

For our ladies loving the Giants, this is for you:

And now if you’re rooting for the Pats…..

Whichever team you’re on, these accessories are a great way to show team spirit on Game Day. Sit back, relax, get your hands dirty- only if you’re talking about wings, and may the best team win!




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