Music’s biggest night turned out to be just that; it was the perfect Sunday evening watching generations of amazing talent come together – I love the Grammy’s and here are some of my thoughts:

Alicia Keys V gold neck piece was fierce and against the chic black dress coupled with her KILLER voice, she always makes quite the statement.

Katy Perry’s diamond drops are at the top of the glamour charts. Love them!

Fergie, hello neon! I applaud her for taking such a risk. Her hoops are a bit large, you can almost jump through them but I do love the cuff!

Kelly Clarkson needs earrings and a bracelet although the necklace is sexy on her.  Studs could definitely work there.

Rihanna stole the show. She is the hottest. I love the mix of simple big bold gold with delicate body chains. It all works on her and that custom Armani she wore was a work of art!

Taylor Swift doesn’t need any jewelry – she’s so pretty and that gown was magnificent. I love that she wore little topaz drops with it. Perfect.

Kate Beckinsale rocked in Sutra earrings – she let them do the talking and they certainly spoke to me!

Gwyneth Paltrow is like a sculpture. The belt is the accessory. Simplicity at its finest. This is an “art as fashion” statement. Fergie’s bold cuff could have worked on her too!

Nicky Minaj felt very 80’s to me – lots of leather and studs in her performance – everything old is new again!

The great Diana Ross wore a classic row of diamonds at her neck and dressed like the grand lady she is in flowing and elegant black.

Adele wins hands down for her style of soul. What a night for her and certainly well deserved! I loved her glamorous diamond button earrings. Very vintage feeling.

Kimberly from the Band Perry wore a three dove necklace from our new Turkish designer, Kismet by Milka. It’s small and delicate but makes a big impression especially when worn as a layering piece a la Fragments style!

Glen Campbell was amazing; like a true Rhinestone Cowboy. God bless him and also the industry that shows so much heart and love to their own who face challenges. It was beautiful and touching.

Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood were a sensational collaboration. She looked so amazing – her bracelets worked perfectly with the glittery dress. Very together & cool. She was glam and a real midnight star – so right for the occasion.

And when it came to Jennifer Hudson – nothing mattered. Not the dress or accessories. It was her heart & soul that sparkled in her tribute to Whitney Houston.

Like Jennifer said, we will always love you, Whitney.

What a great show. When it comes to talent, we realize that its not what you wear, its who you are inside  that makes you stand out and  shine.

In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make!



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