Fragments Jewelry on NBC’s Smash!

We love the new NBC series SMASH! Any TV show with a strong focus on Broadway, fabulous dancing and music has us drawn instantly – but this one is a total  home run. We can’t get enough of it and we’re so excited for the third episode…

Check out Angelica Houston in “The Callback” episode wearing a Deanna Hamro oxidized sterling silver & stick pearl necklace from Fragments!

You can expect to see lots of our other designers featured on the show as well, including Miguel Ases, David Urso, Dana Kellin, Coralia Leets, Chan Luu & DLine! If you’re interested in the piece featured here, please feel free to call our store at 212.334.9588 for more information!





One thought on “Fragments Jewelry on NBC’s Smash!

  1. Do you know who designed the Tahitian pearl drop necklace Angelica Huston wore on “Let’s Be Bad” on SMASH? She also wore it again a couple of episodes later. The center pearl is a teardrop; there are about 4 round dark pearls on the right side and a flat white one on the other side. Couldn’t see much else. Any information you could provide would be most appreciated!
    Thank you.

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