Our Fine Jewelry Favorites

With the start of fashion week and a shift in wardrobes, we’ve been taking time to appreciate the timeless beauty of some of our fine jewelry favorites. These classic pieces can make a statement with any outfit, during any season. Diamonds, opals, and pearls never go out of style!

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Suzanne Kalan 18k

Suzanne Kalan’s 18k line embodies classic beauty, using an extensive variety of diamonds and opals.

Find more pieces at http://www.fragments.com/fine-jewelry/suzanne-kalan.html#p=all


E2, selection of 18k rings


Vibe’s creates amazingly intricate pearl pieces using a range of different colors to fit any look.

Necklace available at  http://www.fragments.com/titania-pearl-necklace-vibes.html?___store=default

Find more pieces at  http://www.fragments.com/fine-jewelry/vibes.html/


Yeprem Pieces (2)


Yeprem takes the classic elegance of diamonds and gives them an edge, creating unique statement pieces. 

We can’t wait to wear these jewels as we watch the shows this week! 


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