Holiday Jewelry

We are so excited for the holiday season to begin! Its the perfect excuse to break out your best jewels and make a statement. Fragments has so many new designers to offer at any price point, making the perfect accessory for your outfits or the perfect gift! With such a variety of styles, there is something for everyone.

If you’re going for a classic look this holiday season, try pieces like these Suzanne Kalan earrings and necklace, found at

e8_1_10_1 n2_1_9_2 PE54_1_5

If you’re choosing to make more of a statement, these larger and more embellished pieces are the perfect way to complete your look!

b1_1_17_18 e5_1_2_33

Monika Knutsson



Elizabeth Cole

e1_1_22_5 e1_1_23_2 e8_2_13_7

LK Designs

b6_1_4_19 b8_1_3_7



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